Everybody knows the heart and soul of a restaurant is its kitchen and in every kitchen is a chef that works hard to create the mouth-watering dishes we all enjoy. Get Grill’s unique flavourful menu is created and designed by Chef Bab T. Thanks to the chef’s diverse background, he has created dishes that take flavours from different cultures around the world and result I a one-of-a-kind cuisine that is simply delicious.

Chef Bab T grew up in Nigeria where he developed a sweet tooth from an early age, and as he got older grew into a love of the sweet flavours in Asian cuisine. In his early teens he moved to England before living in Canada as an adult. As a result of these experiences and Chef Bab T’s exposure to different cultures and foods, he developed a passion for cooking that is still evident in the food he creates today. From his diverse background his appreciation for different cultures led Chef Bab T to create a menu of unique flavours is often described as Afro-Asian cuisine. From Get Grill’s BBQ sauce to their Suya Spice your meal will be a flavour experience like no other.

Get Grill’s menu contains grilled chicken with nine different seasonings all made in-house, from African suya spice to India’s tandoori, there is a seasoning for every palate. Get Grill’s menu also features over 15 different gourmet wraps including suya steak, tiger shrimp, basil chicken and grilled veggie wrap as a vegetarian option. Find these and many more on our menu on-line.